Natural Pain free Lip Fillers in Manchester

July 16, 2016

I have been umming and ahhing about whether to have lip fillers for about 3-4 years not because I felt my lips were too thin but simply because I love the look of full, plump lips- Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski style.

There was a few things which had been putting me off getting the treatment and the first is that I’m a massive scaredy cat when it comes to needles & was worried about how much it would hurt. A lot of my friends and my boyfriend also said not to do it, saying I didn’t need it and that I could mess up my face. They made me worry about different horror stories they had seen where girls had them done and either had lumpy looking lips or huge duck lips. So for a long while I decided I wouldn’t do it and bought things like lip plumpling gloss. I also tried Luisa Zissman’s Candylipz which was absolutely shocking- I was left with a bruised mouth not just my lips but all around the edges, it was terrible- those things should be banned.

I had been searching around for a clinic which looked to be reliable for lip fillers for some time before coming across Dermaplus Aesthetics on Instagram. The before and after images on their instagram looked really good and I had read lots of positive reviews about them, so I decided to get in touch before booking in with Sophie.

On the day of my procedure, Sophie took me through everything which would happen and was very reassuring about any concerns I had. She made me feel relaxed and at ease straight away.



Before the procedure started we spent some time looking in the mirror discussing exactly what I wanted and how I wanted my lips to look. Sophie explained where the filler should be inserted and she inserted the filler in stages so I could see exactly how things looked during the process. Before any filler was added she added numbing cream to my lips…. And there was there was virtually no pain at all! I couldn’t believe I had put off having lip fillers for all these years just because I was worried about how much it would hurt, when there was absolutely no need. (The Candylipz I’d used was far worse!).

The whole experience from start to end was great and the procedure itself was completely fine!!

In terms of after care, you need to massage your lips every half an hour for the first few days just to make sure that no lumps appear & Sophie made sure I knew exactly how to do this before leaving.

The fillers take a week to settle down which is when you see the final results.

I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how my lips looked before and after as well as how they looked after the first few days after the procedure and how they look a week later.

As you can see I felt I was lacking volume in my upper lip especially.


1-20160625_104936 1-20160625_1049301-20160625_104735

Straight after the treatment:



A few days later… it took about 5 days for my lips to settle at first they were a bit swollen.



A week later and the final results:

I’m so pleased with the results it’s a subtle change which has added slightly more volume especially to my upper lip. I would 100% recommend Dermaplus Aesthetics and wouldn’t go anywhere else now!

Thank you Sophie & Dermaplus I love them! 🙂1-20160717_122311

1-20160713_090327 1-20160716_131548 1-Snapchat-28064454891545957961-20160716_135322


Thicker Longer Lashes from Dr Ayanna Knight’s Clinic

June 27, 2016

I’m always on the look out for new miracle beauty products and for the last 3 weeks I’ve been trying out a new lash serum called Elastilash. Elastilash is available from Dr Ayanna Knight’s clinic which is where I got mine. Dr Ayanna Knight has brand new Cosmetic Skin Care, Health & Wellbeing clinic in Brighton and I wanted to give one of her eyelash products a try.


Elastilash is designed to give you fuller, thicker lashes so I thought i’d give it a go to see what it does.

I’ve been applying the lash product once a day every night as the instructions advise. For the first 1-2 weeks I didn’t see much change but it’s very simple to apply and literally takes 1 second whilst doing your evening routine, so I decided to keep going and persevere with it. The applicator is nice and thin so it’s very easy to glide on to your lash line.


My lashes aren’t majorly thin nor are they thick, but they are blonde at the ends which always makes them look less thick and short. In the past I’ve had lash extensions and my gosh that was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made! It ruined my lashes and I had to wait years for them to grow back. I’m now petrified of ever having them done again and so stick to using just my fave mascara and falsies on a night out.

I’m now on to my third week of using Elastilash and I’m seeing some great results so far my lashes are definitely stronger and thicker. The picture below is a before and after wearing no mascara.- I thought it would be best if I used no mascara to show you how they look naturally.  I tried so hard to use my proper camera but it was so difficult trying to photograph my lashes and getting the camera to actually focus so I had to use the selfie mode on my phone. Hopefully you can still see the effects

Heres a comparison before and after

PhotoGrid_1467058937457 Here’s a few photos with mascara on and you can really see how long they actually are here!

20160703_204341 20160703_204253I will continue using over the next few weeks and document my results again – it’s definitely a product you need to stick with but it will give you great results if you do!

By quoting *JAYLA* you can receive 20% off Elastilash and treatments at Dr Ayanna’s Clinic.








Depop Sale!

May 29, 2016

I’m having a big sale of all my clothes on Depop to try and make some wardrobe space for when my boyfriend moves in with me this summer.

I’m selling lots of things which are really nice and hardly been worn for very cheap so if you’re looking for a summer bargain give my shop a whirl before things sell! 🙂

My depop name is jayla1990



Tammy Hembrow Full Review & Results

May 29, 2016

I have completed 7 weeks out of 8 of the Tammy Hembrow booty guide and I wanted to share a more complete review with you.

I have tried my best to follow the guide day by day as much as possible. Working on glutes 3 times a week as the plan says and the days in between working on my upper body.

Sometimes I’ve found it quite difficult to complete every exercise in the each days work out just because it’s not always easy to get on the equipment in my gym as it’s usually busy with guys using it and sometimes means I have to wait ages until it’s free. If that happens, I usually substitute the work out for another type of booty exercise.

I’ve done my best to follow the diet too and have increased the amount of protein I eat. On a daily basis I’ve found it easier eating protein bars after I have my dinner or lunch just to make sure I get that extra protein in my diet. I’ll also try and make sure I have a protein shake after the gym. On the whole, I’ve made sure most of the food I eat is clean and healthy but I usually have 1 cheat day a week where I’ll just eat what I like.

Whilst I’m not sure if my butt has increased in size… (I think it may have slightly), it’s definitely more lifted & toned.

I’ve included a few pictures below. Sorry I don’t have lots of different ones- I’m not really the kinda gal to take pictures or display these sort of pics publicly but I wanted to share my results with my readers as I’ve had a couple of people interested!

I’d defo recommend the guide for anyone who’s looking to improve their glutes. It was £35 which is quite pricey for a guide but if it gives you that extra motivation and focus in the gym like it has done for me then I think thats worth the price tag.

1-20160522_160657If you have any other questions please just send me a message & I’ll get back to you! 🙂


Goodbye Dark Circles – Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

May 4, 2016

I really love a super bright under eye and for a while I’ve been on the search for a product that would really help brighten my under eyes.

I’m a bit of a concealer junkie and I think I’ve tried all of the most hyped about ones like Urban decay, pro long wear, Nars creamy concealer etc but was still yet to find something to give me a super bright under eye look.

I follow Amanda Ensing on YouTube she is defo one of my favourite Beauty Vloggers because everything she likes I usually agree with and like myself.

In one of her tutorials she talks about how to conceal under eyes  It looked really brightening so I had to give it a try.

I’m really loving this product so far the formula is really creamy and easy to blend under the eye. The best way to apply it is to take some on a fluffy brush and apply this beneath your eye where you have the darkness. I then take a beauty blender and add my concealer over the top and blend in.  It goes really nicely under all of the concealers I have tried and mentioned above but I think it works best with L’oreal true match concealer.

It’s a little bit extra effort to use every day so I tend to use this when I’m going on a night out or when I really want that bright under eye highlight.

It was a little pricey at £22 but in my opinion worth it!


Pen & Pencil for Brunch in the Northern Quarter

April 26, 2016

I recently went to Pen & Pencil which is in Northern Quarter in Manchester. I’d heard really good things about it and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The restaurant is in a rustic building right opposite from Whiskey Jar and the vibe inside is really nice with comfy benches to eat at and a big bar area.

We decided to try out the brunch, it’s served all day from 10am-5pm which is super convenient as not many places in Manchester do this. I went for Eggs Pen & Pencil which was £7.50 and my boyfriend went for Steak and Eggs which was £9.50.

We’d both read a review on Manchester evening news about the best brunch places in Manchester which raved about the steak and eggs at Pen and Pencil we were both surprised that it was a little small portion size for the money so if you’re looking to fill yourself up well then i’d go for the Eggs Pen & Pencil instead.

After the savoury part course we couldn’t leave without trying the pancakes. I’ve been on the search for somewhere which does real authentic thick American style pancakes and Pen & Pencil have come the closest so far to this in Manchester.

I went for American pancakes with berries (£5.50) and Mark went for pancakes and bacon (£7)- both were delicious but i think Mark’s might have been slightly better as the pancakes and bacon had a caramel flavoured syrup and mine maple. Both were soooo good and I’m getting really hungry writing this!

Pen and Pencil has a big thumbs up from me and I’ll defo be going back soon for some more of those pancakes! 🙂




Really liked the decor in the loo’s as well! Had to snap a pic a nice relatively cheap way to make your the walls stand out! 🙂



Spring Home Interior Buys

April 10, 2016

I’ve been really loving dressing my flat up for Spring this year with different accessories and bits. I can’t stop myself when I’m in homeware stores & spring homeware  makes me feel very excited that summers just around the corner. It’s so nice how everything is getting a lot brighter and lighter outside and I feel like it’s nice to bring this into your home too.

I just wanted to share a few of my fav home purchases with you and give a little cribs tour in the process of where i’ve gotten to so far with decorating 🙂

For inspiration I mainly look at Instagram I follow a few really nice shabby chic esque accounts and there are always lots of ideas that you can take for your home.

Instagram accounts for home inspiration that are worth having a look at if you need some ideas.

Shabbyy homes




I’ve been trying to find a little trinket tay for my coffee table for quite a while now- I’ve searched everywhere in TK Maxx, The range etc but never really found anything that would quite work.



Picture Frame- Matalan


Lillys- BHS Home


Candle Holder- The Range



Cushions- So cheap from Primark!



Posters- Zazzle

Frames- Ikea




Tammy Hembrow Booty Guide 8 Week Review So Far

April 8, 2016

So I’ve been following Tammy on Instagram for a while now and she is without a doubt one of my shameless woman crush’s. Her body is the bomb and It’s really inspirational how she’s managed to build her butt from relatively nothing. It just shows you that hard work really does pay off.

Her before and after pictures are crazy.


Don’t hate me but I’ve always been one of those girls thats been naturally slim and it’s had it’s bonuses over the years- I’m not gunna lie it has at times also made me lazy when it comes to working out. Simply because I felt like I didn’t really need/have to. I did start to feel quite lethargic and weak last year so I stepped it up and started going to the gym about 3-4 times a week.

I started to notice some real changes in my body over summer last year(See photo of me last year on holiday) with people around me also noticing a difference.. asking if I work out and this spurred me on more. I am happy with my body but I’ve always loved a good bum and if i’m gonna work out thats what i want to achieve and build on.



I had started to lack focus in the gym but after seeing Tammy’s results I had to give her guide a go.

It’s an 8 week guide which provides you with 3 booty work outs a week. It also provides you with tips for diet and what to eat as well as what to do on the days when your not working out your glutes.

Previously in the gym I used to find myself kind of just hopping on whatever was free but this work out guide has given me a bit more of an aim in the gym and It’s nice having a set plan of workouts to follow.

I’m currently on week 2 out of 8 weeks so I have a few weeks to go yet before I’ll notice any significant change in my body but so far I’m really enjoying it and I think it was worth the £35 already. 🙂

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

I have now completed the 8 weeks and my full Tammy Hembrow review and results is here.


Image credit: Tammy Hembrow


Natural Beauty Event

April 8, 2016

I recently joined a bunch of Manchester Beauty Bloggers for a natural beauty event with Holland and Barrett.

We were given a lovely demonstration by the Beauty Kitchen which are a new brand stocking 100% natural ingredient products which is really refreshing to see. There’s so many products on the market using such a random mix of ingredients that sometimes it can be a real struggle to find something that’s actually naturally made. Beauty Kitchen has  a gorgeous selection of body scrubs and lip butters along with a big range of pampering products.


We were then given a make over using Holland and Barrett make up products which are also natural and kind on the skin. After this I was then treated to a lovely manicure- I went for Zoya nail polish in the colour Blair which is a stunning rich red colour.


zoya blair

Thanks so much to Holland & Barrett for a lovely day!


The Makeup Staples every girl needs

February 23, 2016

I feel like I’ve really pinned down the makeup that works for me. I used to experiment with different products and brands all the time but now I feel like I’ve found some of the best out there.. When I experiment now I’m usually left disappointed and feeling like I’ve wasted my money because the products I had before were better.

I thought I’d share with you the products which work for me, none of these are endorsed and everything has been bought by myself. This is a truthful post and what I’d share with my closest friends.


My fav foundations are Nars Sheer Glow- this is hands down the best Nars foundation I’ve tried the new one – All day luminous I didn’t like it at all- even though I don’t have dry skin it made it look like I do (leaving odd patches) so was really disappointed with that one. Nars Sheer Glow on the other hand is a dream- makes your skin look flawless and never fails on me. It’s quite full coverage so I don’t wear it during the day.

For work I use L’oreal – True Match and this is also really good provides a nice medium coverage and is much better than a lot of the more expensive brands.



I’ve tried a lot of different concealers- I use them for under the eye to hide my dark circles and brighten up the area rather than to conceal spots. Nars Creamy Concealer- is good but sometimes rests in tiny fine lines beneath my eye. I think it’s a little thick in consistency. I personally prefer the L’oreal True Match concealer it gives me a really nice highlighted look beneath my eyes and I like the formula. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper!



I’m really loving LA girl Pro Conceal in Beautiful bronze to contour- the colour that it gives is a nice warm brown and resembles the kind of colour I go when i’ve got a tan! Its about £3 off ebay so an absolute bargain as well.



I use the 17 brow pallete – it comes with a wax which is the same colour as the powder so you can use both the wax and powder to create the perfect brow. I have also bought the Illamasqua precision brow gel and their brow brush which are fab but I feel as though the look it gives you is slightly less natural… and a bit more full glam so I usually use this on a night out.



My fav bronzer which I’ve currently ran out of is The Balm Betty Lou manizer. -It gives a lovely warm glow and has a little shimmer but not too much-  it so looks lovely over your makeup.. (I really must stock up again soon!)



I love Opal by Becca followed by ABH So Hollywood.


Eyeshadow Kits:

The best kits I’ve tried are Mac Warm Neutrals pallete- its full of gorgeous warm brown tones which I love and I also really like the Dolce Vita palette by Charlotte Tilbury.



My Fav mascara will always be the 17 falsifye mascara- they have just bought a new one out and it’s no where near as good.